I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Ok so much better today. I’ve been exercising and haven’t stopped the 21 day meditation.  I forgot to take my antidepressant in the morning and afternoon yesterday so I’m sure that had a detrimental effect on my mood. But I want to go off meds completely. Obviously meditation won’t be enough. Or I’m rushing? I am going to start Acupuncture as soon as I get some more money. And Reiki! I just need the time and the money 😢. Becoming healthy is so hard. I purged once yesterday and felt better. That can’t be my coping mechanism I know. But it did help. And it’s addictive. I will try my best to refrain. Anyway…..soooooo tired. I’m not sleeping well. Trying to at least not take my sleeping pill. A lot of luck that’s been. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine! Blahhh! I’ll sleep when I’m dead!