How to Die

Not living out your soul’s purpose. That is how you die inside. That is where the depression starts. That is when your heart turns cold. I’ve obviously been reading alot 😊, and I’m going to try pure lavender oil for skin and hair for anxiety,but I have been dancing everyday, even when I feel tired and don’t feel like practicing. And I feel great! This must be my purpose. I’m happier everywhere. Even at my job. Although all I think about is my dance steps and blogging. I’m still more productive, and the day doesn’t drag on. If only I could dance and blog for a living! I haven’t purged or weighed myself. I haven’t counted calories either. I feel ok about my body. I can see my muscles coming back. The depression is so much better! Any tips for anxiety though? It’s better, but I still need something besides popping a clonapin. I know lavender is supposed to help so I ordered the pure lavender oil for skin and hair today. I’ll let you know. Has anyone else tried aroma therapy? I can’t find too much research on it.

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